Phyco Plus

Phyco Plus
Phycoplus has been developed for restoration of polluted lakes, ponds, rivers and fish ponds.It contains millions of selected robust natural micro algae as seed material along with symbiotic beneficial bacteria and an unique formulation of essential micro nutrients and trace elements which make the product unique and special. 
The advantage we have over other similar products in the market is we not only include vital micronutrients but also include robust well tested micro algae along with beneficial symbiotic bacteria which makes the product superior and more effective in recovering polluted water bodies at a rapid rate. These microbes have been selected based on more than a decade of research and application in waste water treatment process at pilot and large scale by PHYCOSPECTRUM.

Organically derived micronutrients and enzymes for restoration of polluted water bodies. Used @ 500 grams per acre (4000 M3) eliminates duckweeds and toxic blooms of cyanobacteria. Improves the quality in terms of dissolved oxygen, reduction in BOD and COD and removal of coli form bacteria and odour and colour. Supports beneficial non bloom forming natural micro green algae and enstabilish the food chain. This product can be dosed for restoring polluted rivers also.


A polluted lake at Mainath UP before and after treatment using PHYCOPLUS in two weeks time


Water analysis of Mainath lake

Industrial waste water treatment

PHYCOPLUS is also effective in treatment of industrial effluents for reducing BOD, COD, colour and sludge. PERC has successfully implemented several projects using PHYCOPLUS n combination with robust micro algae technology

River restoration using PHYCOPLUS


Mausam river at Malegaon before and after treatment using PHYCOPLUS