KH Exports India PVT LTD

KH Exports India PVT LTD

K H Exports India Pvt Ltd

Zero Liquid Discharge Solution developed for Chromium contaminated high TDS effluent from leather industry.

Overview of Company:
The Client is one of India’s largest leather products manufacturing company based at Ranipet, Tamilnadu. The company is manufacturing different products in the plant and they mainly export their production.
Inlet Effluent Detail:
pH : Neutral
TDS : App 25000 ppm
Objective of the plant:
To reduce the TDS sludge generation
To evaporate the effluent and set up a Zero Liquid Discharge unit
Before Applying the Algae Technology: The High TDS effluent (RO reject) was taken to the solar evaporation ponds where they have to evaporate through solar evaporation. The solar evaporation rate is very low and they have to use very large tracts of land. Also as the TDS gets concentrated in the pond, the evaporation rate drops. Also they end up with lots of TDS sludge in the evaporation Pond.
After Applying the Micro Algae: In the Pilot plant of 1 KLD evaporation, we have got following results
1) TDS Sludge Reduction

  • Expected Theoretical TDS (as on 5/02/2016) : 134300 ppm
    Actual Tank TDS being maintained (as on 5/02/2016) : 43800 ppm
  •  This data implies that in the absence of algae, TDS would have been 1.36 lacs ppm, but due to the remediating effect of algae, TDS remains at 0.44 lacs ppm.

2) Chlorides Reduction

  •  Expected Theoretical chlorides (as on 1/02/2016) : 44900 ppm
    Actual Tank Chlorides (as on 1/02/2016) being maintained : 18616 ppm

Algae Biomass Analysis Report :