Yuti Textile Process Pvt Ltd

At 1.5 MLD flow and with savings of more than 1 cr per annum for the client, this is the largest micro-algae based industrial effluent treatment plant in the world.

Company Overview:

The company, based out of Malegaon is in the business of washing, mercerizing and bleaching of gray fabric into white fabric.

Inlet Effluent Detail:

  • pH : 13-14

  • TDS : 6000 ppm

  • COD : 5200 ppm

Objectives of Treatment:

  • To reduce the COD by more than 90 % after tertiary treatment.

  • To neutralize the pH of effluent without any chemical addition

  • To reduce the content of PVA from the effluent.

Before Applying the Micro Algae Technology: The Company spent close to Rs. 2 crores per annum on reducing pH from 13 to 7 and settling their solids. After neutralizing the effluent, because of significant amounts of Poly Vinyl Alcohol in the process, the Activated sludge process was not working at all.

After applying the Micro Algae Technology: After conducting extensive trials, the company was satisfied with the results and decided to scale up. We have got following results

  • pH: The inlet pH of the effluent was varying in the range of 11 to 13.5. The pH in the Algae Tank was found constantly between 8 to 8.5. Savings to the client were more than Rs. 1 cr. INR per annum.

  • COD: The COD of the inlet effluent was varying in the range of 5000 . Micro Algae has given very good reduction in COD. The COD of the outlet water after sludge settling and sand filtration is currently in the range of 300 – 400 ppm. BOD was reduced by more than 90%.